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Super Glue


Perfect for binge watching shows, Super Glue will have you sitting back and relaxing on your couch or bed. This frosty strain holds a potent body high that is also mind opening with a delicious taste!

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Unlock Your Mind and Body with Super Glue

Experience the perfect hybrid strain with Super Glue, a Skunk and Northern Lights mix that is sure to open your mind and relax your body. As soon as you open the jar, you'll detect a mixture of earthy tones with a hint of citrus and spiciness. The buds of Super Glue are spade-shaped, thick and frosty, and will fill the air with a sour-sweet and pungently skunky aroma. When smoked, the smoke has a gas-like and skunky flavor that turns into a woodsy and earthy flavour on the exhale. Super Glue's high THC content provides a combination of mind-opening and body-relaxing effects that can easily sedate you if you're not careful. Perfect for a night of binge watching shows, this frosty strain will create a potent body high that is both mind-opening and delicious.


When you break open Super Glue's spade-shaped buds, you'll instantly be able to detect a sour-sweet and pungently skunky aroma. This aroma is a combination of sweet lemons and sticky caramel, with some rough, piney notes and a sharp pungency. As you break apart or crush these thick blossoms, a sandalwood and spice aroma that's signature to its Afghani parent strain will be released in the air.


Super Glue emits a smoke that is skunky and gas-like, creating a spicy sensation in the back of the throat. On the exhale, this smoke has a woodsy and earthy flavour that coats the mouth with freshness, almost like breathing in the forest air after a good rain. Those who want to smoke discreetly