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Sunset Sherbert x High Octane BX3 (Smalls)

Sunset Sherbert x High Octane BX3 is an impeccable hybrid strain that has quickly made a name for itself within craft cannabis circles. This exotic strain was bred as a result of crossing Sunset Shertbert a sweet, delectable hybrid with the award winning High Octane OG.

Bud Size Smalls
Grade AAA+
Lineage High Octane OG x Sunset Sherbert
Effects Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Sociable & Happy
Phenotype Indica-dominant Hybrid
Terpene Profile Gas, Berries, Creamy & Earthy

The Perfect Blend - Sunset Sherbert X High Octane OG BX3

When you’ve got two craft cannabis strains that are already perfect, why change them? Instead, why not make them even more perfect? That’s exactly what Seed Junky Genetics did when creating the flawless Sunset Sherbert X High Octane OG BX3. This indica hybrid is the result of a cross between the popular, summery Sunset Sherbert and the award-winning High Octane OG. Its THC concentration is an impressive 26%, making for an incredibly strong and euphoria-filled high that is both restful and calming.


The high of Sunset Sherbert X High Octane OG BX3 begins in a more cerebral way, with uplifting and euphoric energy. Its potency is on the heavier side and can border on the psychedelic, making it ideal for when you’re looking to simply get stoned and escape. There is also a strong bodily relaxation that will soothe your pains and aches, though you should be prepared for some couchlock as you drift into a state of peaceful bliss. A great destressor and pain reliever, it is useful for medical users seeking to alleviate a range of symptoms from chronic stress and insomnia to physical pains. It is also great for evening usage when you’re looking for a good night’s sleep!