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Strawberry Cough

Bring back summer and fill your days with strawberry dreams with this potent and sweetly decadent Strawberry Cough strain! A sativa hybrid, the Strawberry Cough was originally created by Kyle Kushman and is widely believed to be a cross of the originalHazeand Strawberry Fields, resulting in this deliciously ultra fruity strain. With up to 26% THC concentration, this strain is fast acting and has well-rounded effects that will offer you an amazing full-bodied high, though it is most well known for its strong scents and flavours of fresh strawberry!

LINEAGE Haze x Strawberry Fields
EFFECTS Energetic, Uplifted, Talkative & Creative
TERPENE PROFILE Sweet, Berries, Fruity & Haze

Strawberry Cough

Indulge in the sweet and fruity flavour of the Strawberry Cough strain! A sativa-dominant hybrid, the Strawberry Cough was created by Kyle Kushman and is widely believed to be a cross of the original Haze and Strawberry Fields. With up to 26% THC concentration, this strain has an intensely sweet and spicy flavour profile, with strong notes of fresh strawberry and a hint of pepper and herbs. The effects of Strawberry Cough are fast-acting and well-rounded, providing a full-bodied high that is both uplifting and euphoric. Its effects can help relieve fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and mood swings. Its buds are small and fluffy, a light green colour with copper orange pistils and bright white trichomes. Be sure to enjoy this unique and delicious strain with friends for a truly memorable experience!


The Strawberry Cough has a thick smoke that can induce quite a cough. Though it has a skunky odour, its strawberry aroma is dominant. Its effects are fast-acting, and users can feel the effects before they even finish their tokes. The strain initially offers a newfound sense of energy and sociability that can help those struggling with fatigue or social anxiety. As the high progresses, users experience a sense of euphoria and calmness that can help with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and mood swings. The strain also offers a bodily relaxation that soothes aches and pains without being sedative.

THC Content

The Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 80% sativa to 20% indica. It has an average THC concentration of 22% to 26%, along with around 1% CBN. Its parent, Haze, has the same 80%:20% ratio and an average THC content of 20