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Stinky Pink – Indica


Stinky Pinky is a magnificent indica hybrid strain that packs an 80% indica/20% sativa punch. Its name accurately reflects its potent aroma – robust with sour citrus and spicy black pepper notes in the mix. Not to be outdone, Stinky Pinky’s taste adds an additional flavor of sharp chemicals complimented by earthy herbs. If you seek strong quality cannabis, then this phenotype of classic Pink Kush should not disappoint! After a few moments of your last breath, the Stinky Pinky high envelops you in its blissful embrace. You experience an inner peace that removes any unwanted anxiety or contemplative thoughts and fills their place with a little creativity and joyous repose. Let this euphoria provide for an escape from reality as it calms your mind and soul!

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Stinky Pinky features captivating aromas, but also it looks absolutely stunning! The scent of Stinky Pinky is intense, with a combination of sour citrus flavors perfectly complemented by spicy black pepper and earthy herbs. You'll start to feel the high just moments after your last exhale, and it fills you with an uplifting sense joy and relaxation.

As you enter a tranquil state of mind, any stress or racing thoughts will fade away and be replaced by creativity and contentment. A relaxing body high will overtake your physical being, gently luring you onto the couch as it envelops your entire body in its serene embrace. You'll feel fully sedated from head to toe and enjoy an unparalleled level of tranquility.  Stinky Pinky offers powerful relief for individuals suffering from chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD, depression and mood swings.

THC 22-24%

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