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Star Killer

Star Killer: An Award-Winning, Super Dank Indica

Ready to launch your night into the stratosphere? Star Killer is a multi-time award winning, super dank indica strain that is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re off in outer space. Created by crossing the already potent Rare Dankness #2 and Skywalker OG strains, aka, Mazar and Blueberry OG, Star Killer boasts a high THC level that can reach as high as 29%, with a strong sedative physical high that makes it a popular choice amongst medical and recreational users alike.


Star Killer offers potent effects that give a classic and typical stoner high that is well-loved and familiar to all in the cannabis community. You’ll experience red eyes and a hazy, brain fog that will spread throughout your body in a buzzy physical sensation. You’ll feel as if you’ve been sedated, so it’s highly recommended for evening usage or when you’re wanting to chill and hit the hay. This strong sense of relaxation is great for those experiencing chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia or nightmares, and will be sure to ease away any headaches. As the high progresses, you will most likely be lulled into a deep, sweet and peaceful sleep.

THC Content

Star Killer typically has 70% indica dominance to 30% sativa, and averages around 26% in THC levels, though can also reach as high as a staggering 29%. Its heavy effects and impressive genetics can be attributed to its parental lineage. Rare Dankness #2, another 70% to 30% indica dominant strain,