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Sour Tangie


The golden child of two iconic strains: Sour Diesel and Tangie, Sour Tangie dominates the taste buds with notes of bold citrus and delivers a happy and euphoric high that can leave a permanent smile on your face.

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Sour Tangie – A Sativa-Dominant Hybrid with Bold Citrus Flavours

Introducing Sour Tangie, the golden child of the iconic Sour Diesel and cult classic Tangie. This sativa-dominant hybrid quickly became a favourite among many for its mentally focusing effects and bold citrus flavours.

Its buds are a sight to behold – loose and fluffy with a fine dust of trichomes wrapped in neon orange pistils, making it sticky to the touch. On the aroma, it gives users a unique and funky blend of fruit and gasoline. On the other hand, its flavour profile is dominated by citrus and has a tangerine-fueled fruit punch on the exhale.

Expect a level-headed clarity with enthusiasm and motivation as the effects of Sour Tangie kick in. It is a perfect strain to enhance creativity, productivity, and focus. Plus, its high potency THC content makes it an ideal choice for those who need to quell their anxiety, stress, or even improve focus.

Sour Tangie – Effects and Benefits

  • Mentally Focusing Effects
  • Bold Citrus Flavours
  • Level-headed Clarity
  • Motivation and Productivity
  • Aids in Focus
  • Relieves Anxiety and Stress

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