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Sour Secret Strawberry


Sour Secret Strawberry has a sweet, berry-focused aroma that smells almost exactly like strawberries. Once you open the bag, it’ll be as if you were transported to a field filled with fresh, juicy strawberries.

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Discover the Sour Secret Strawberry Strain

Discover the sweet, sour and invigorating taste of the Sour Secret Strawberry strain. This Craft Cannabis hybrid strain is no secret, boasting premium THC content of 24-29% on average. The aroma of this strain will transport you to a field of fresh strawberries and citrus, while the flavour has notes of sweet strawberries and a hint of sour earth. The buds have a beautiful, frosted look, thanks to a layer of silver trichomes that dusts the surface.

Sour Secret Strawberry Effects

As an AAAA Craft Cannabis hybrid strain, Sour Secret Strawberry’s effects are powerful and heavy. The sativa effects start in the head with a cerebral stimulation that’s indicative of its sativa roots, resulting in a tingling sensation behind your eyes that’ll increase in intensity, uplifting your mood and inducing euphoria. The indica effects will then activate, making your limbs feel tired and heavy, eventually forcing you to sit down and relax.

Sour Secret Strawberry Medical Effects

Sour Secret Strawberry is renowned for its ability to elevate mood, alleviate anxiety and treat depression. Its uplifting, euphoric effects can improve motivation, drive, and focus, three elements that are vital to get out of a rut. The berry delightful flavours of this strain will also help you relax and relieve stress.

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24 – 29%