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Slurricane is a cross between Do-si-dos and Purple Punch and is the result of much love and dedication. The best way to explain this strain is as an indica-dominant flower with lovely creamy, earth tones and notes of a berry and grape-like sweetness that boasts an extremely high THC concentration.

Bud Size Medium
Grade AAA+
Lineage Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch
Effects Uplifted, Relaxed, Euphoric & Cerebral
Classification Indica-dominant
Terpene Profile Earthy, Fruity, & Diesel

Slurricane: The Perfect Strain for Relaxation

Created by the expert breeders at InHouse Genetix, Slurricane is an up-and-coming strain that serious cannabis enthusiasts should be aware of! This phenotype is a unique combination of two of their in-house creations, Slurricane #7 and #4, and is a cross between Dosidos (Do-Si-Dos) and Purple Punch. With a 60% indica to 40% sativa ratio, Slurricane is sure to provide users with a pleasant experience.


When using Slurricane, users will be hit with an uplifting euphoria before sinking into a deep sedative state. As the high progresses, users will feel a tingling sensation that starts at the back of their head and slowly spreads throughout their body. This strain can help fight depression, stress, and anxiety, while providing relief from headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, sores, and cramps. This indica-dominant hybrid is best used in the evening as it can lead to couchlock and sleep.

THC Content

Slurricane has an average THC content between 20% and 28%, but has been tested to reach an impressive 32%! Its parent, Do-Si-Dos, is a 70% indica