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Skittles – AAAA


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Introducing Zkittlez, a strain that truly lets you see the rainbow! The tightly packed and densely structured flowers range from vibrant greens and purples, with orange pistils scattered throughout. The anthocyanin pigments give the purple hues and a dusting of white trichomes provide stickiness and psychoactivity. Upon smelling Zkittlez, you'll pick up on a sweet-sour funk with hints of berry and lemon. Grinding the flowers brings out a more sour skunky note. When combusted, the smoke is light and fruity with a grape-like taste.

Zkittlez's effects come on quickly and remain subtle. You may experience slight pressure around the eyes and temples, as well as visual and auditory distortions. This strain also boosts cerebral energy, allowing you to focus on detailed tasks. As the high wears on, a body high creeps in, bringing a relaxing sensation that won't knock you out. Zkittlez is best enjoyed in the late afternoon or early evening.