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Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO


Have you ever seen cannabis shatter? This amazing concentrate appears to be almost like a piece of glass and is created through specific techniques that involve hydrocarbons such as butane. Containing hefty quantities of compounds including THC, CBD, and more, Shatter offers the benefits of marijuana in a highly concentrated yet compact form which can easily be dabbed or vaporized – giving users an unimaginable high! To experience it for yourself get your own Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO at our online store today!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Flavours Gods Bubba, Gorilla Grips, Grape Valley, Island Sweet skunk, Lemon Cake, Pineapple Express, Pink Bubba, Pink Lemonade, Star Master Kush, Tuna OG – Hybrid

Shatter Cartridge Pods by Flo only uses phenotype-specific nug runs to guarantee a consistent, high quality product while preserving the precious terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain. All our concentrates are 100% full spectrum with no added terpenes or other additives – just pure goodness!

About FLO Shatter Cartridge Pods

Flo Extracts is dedicated to delivering top-notch cannabis products to people who need them. As the industry's usage proliferates, they are constantly innovating and refining the cannabis experience. They have committed themselves to a never ending journey of development as their ultimate promise for their consumers.

If you're looking for something new to try, the FLO Pod has a cannabis hybrid strain of Pink Kush. It is one of the most popular hybrids out there due to its combination of mental and physical effects. When it comes to taste, Pink Kush gives off more hints toward an indica than a sativa so this one is best used near bedtime when you can drift off quickly after smoking.

FLO's Vape-pod system is uniquely designed for their own vaporizers and utilizes innovative vapour technology to take the ordinary 510 pens to a whole new level. Whereas standard 510 vape pens were intended only for nicotine vaping, FLO developed their pod system from scratch with marijuana extracts in mind, making it ideal for cannabis consumption.

FLO Pods are revolutionary, ultra-portable cannabis vaporizers that leave other 510 Threads in the dust. FLO Pod refills click onto the battery for an airtight seal and maximum vapour output with every toke you take! This two-part system is easy to use and produces unbeatable results.

Shatter Cartridge Pods by FLO - the concentrated form of cannabis that will revolutionize your experience! This glass-like concentrate is created through specialized procedures and solvents such as hydrocarbons, giving it its solid yet translucent structure. Rich with THC and CBD compounds, this shatter provides a powerful punch while being compact enough to easily dab or vaporize. Unlock all of the advantages cannabis has to offer by purchasing Shatter Cartridge Pods today at our online store!

Dabbing shatter offers numerous advantages; its quick absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream leads to almost instantaneous benefits. Furthermore, users may opt for a "less is more" approach due to extracts having greater potency than traditional marijuana use.

Dabbing shatter is an amazing way to get the same effects you want, without having to smoke as much burning plant material. It's a win-win situation for consumers! You only need a few dabs or even one dab in order to receive your desired cannabinoids and avoid inhaling hazardous chemicals from smoking entire joints. How fantastic is that?

Shatter's molecular makeup makes it a more lasting form of extract in comparison to wax and other alternatives. While some people may find the tough consistency of shatter hard to break apart, its durability is worth the effort! To make portioning your shard easier before using your dabber, try warming it up slightly beforehand for optimum results.

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