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A potent couch-locking bud, Romulan is a legendary strain named after a hostile alien race found in Star Trek. Featuring a THC content of 20-24%, this indica-dominant strain delivers deep relaxation and dreamy effects. You’ll feel like you’re exploring the universe with Kirk himself!

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Romulan: A Star Trek-Inspired Hybrid Strain

Are you ready to beam up to a new level of relaxation? Look no further than Romulan, an indica-dominant hybrid named after the Star Trek species!

The exact genetics of this strain remain a mystery. However, we do know that Federation Seeds cloned it in 1996. They crossbred it with another popular strain, White Rhino, until only 3% of the original White Rhino genetics remained. Some also believe that this strain is related to Afghani landrace strains.

What’s for certain is that Romulan has won awards and mentions from Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture. That’s because it offers powerful and uplifting effects that will make you feel out of this world!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

This strain features dense nugs of dull to bright green leaves. You’ll also notice captivating copper-coloured pistils interspersed throughout. A fine dusting of trichomes makes the leaves look like frosty sugar.

The fragrance of Romulan is unpredictable. Sometimes it’s sweet like cherry candy. Other times, it emits a grape-like scent. More often than not, it’s pungent and earthy.

And when it comes to flavour, you’re in for a treat! This strain has a rich and sweet earthy taste with woody and spicy overtones. Notes of citrus provide a refreshing and playful twist!

Once you light up, you’ll feel

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22 – 25%