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Each container Includes 1 Gram of Red Lebanese Hash
Form: Soft
THC Level: High

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Experience the unique flavor and effects of Red Lebanese Hash with Kamikazi. This premium hash product is a result of the traditional Lebanese cultivation process, which involves harvesting the cannabis plants until they are nearly dry and acquiring a reddish-brown color. This is then followed by a curing process that lasts two entire harvesting seasons, producing a hash that has stronger woody and spicy notes, and a smooth flavor.

Unlike other hash varieties, Red Lebanese Hash is known for its cerebral effects, while still providing an immaculate body stone and waves of relaxation. This hash is best enjoyed through consumption methods such as rolling it into a joint or blunt, adding it to flower in a pipe, consuming it alone on a screen or in a water pipe, or vaporizing it.

For an optimal smoking experience, we recommend using degummed hemp fiber to keep the hash from clogging the vaporizer innards, and playing around with different temperature settings to find the best taste. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Kamikazi's Red Lebanese Hash is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.