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Purple Zkittlez by Ethos Genetics

Yet another masterful creation by the professional breeders over at Ethos Genetics, this AAAA+ craft cannabis strain is a must try for any true lover ofindicas. With THC levels ranging between 23% to 26%, it’s a potent heavy hitter that will leave you in a state of pure bliss and sedated relaxation.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Purple Punch x Zkittlez
EFFECTS Relaxed, Sedated, Happy & Uplifted
PHENOTYPE Indica-dominant Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Fruity, Grape, Spicy & Berries

Purple Zkittlez by Ethos Genetics

Introducing Purple Zkittlez by Ethos Genetics, the one-of-a-kind craft cannabis strain that reigns supreme in the world of indicas! Originally created by crossing the famed Purple Punch with Zkittlez, this AAAA+ phenotype found in Green Society’s Top Shelf Collection is 100% pure indica, delivering a powerful and long-lasting high that will be sure to please any indica lover. With a THC content of up to 26%, Purple Zkittlez packs a powerful punch that comes with a delicious mouthful of fruity berries and grapes, coupled with the sugary sweetness of candies.


Onset of the Purple Zkittlez high starts with a cerebral and euphoric uplift, followed by waves of calming relaxation that will ease throughout your limbs. This strain can provide relief from a variety of ailments, mood disorders and symptoms such as depression, nausea, aches, migraines and insomnia. With its strong indica effects, couch-lock is likely inevitable, so make sure to plan your day accordingly and have your schedule free to kick back and relax with a few tokes of Purple Zkittlez!

THC Content

Purple Zkittlez is a pure indica strain, with some variations of the strain as an indica leaning hybrid. This Top Shelf Collection phenotype however is 100% indica, with a THC count measuring between 23% to 26%. Its parent, Purple Punch, is itself a