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Purple Nuken

Purple Nuken is a deluxe cross of the classic Vancouver-bred Nuken strain, and the therapeutic Purple Kush. This potent indica inherits a strong set of genetics, with a family tree that includes God Bud And Kish, a strain that was created as a cross between two varying cuts of Shishkaberry. These predecessors give Purple Nuken its’ iconic earthy, yet berry-like flavour, along with its’ undeniably strong high. On average, THC levels for this strain measure in at arond 21.5%, making it a great all-around strain that’ll relax the mind and uplift spirits, without leaving you completely debilitated. Many praise Purple Nuken for its’ relaxing high that soothes minor aches, pains and inflammation but also cherish it for its’ surprisingly euphoric and uplifting nature. Just like the name may suggest, Purple Nuken is known for its’ sage-coloured buds and marvelous deep purple hues. The cone-shaped buds of Purple Nuken are exceptionally dense and make host to a thick layer of resinous THC trichomes, these strong genetic traits shine through from its’ Nuken lineage, which also imparts an earthy and skunk-like essence onto the strain. The sweet undertones of Shishkaberry give Purple Nuken an added remarkable grape and berry-like aroma that contrasts well with the earthiness of Purple Kush and God Bud.

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14 GRAMS $69.99
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Purple Nuken

Introducing the one of a kind Purple Nuken strain! Bred from the Vancouver Island-bred Nuken and the ever popular Purple Kush, this indica-dominant hybrid is a powerhouse of effects and flavour. Reaching an average THC level of 21%-23%, Purple Nuken is a wonderful option for medicinal users seeking relaxation and pain relief. With a unique flavour profile of sweet and skunky with notes of grapes, berries, and marshmallows, Purple Nuken is a great way to wind down after a long day.


Purple Nuken is a classic indica with a powerful body high that slowly creeps throughout the body. It's incredibly relaxing and can help with chronic pain, joint aches, insomnia, and even mood disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety. On top of that, it's also mildly euphoric and can help elevate your mood. Overall, Purple Nuken offers a well-balanced, all-around body and mental high.

THC Content

Purple Nuken boasts an impressive THC content of 21%-23% and a ratio of 80%:20% indica to sativa. Its parents, Nuken and Purple Kush, are also 80%:20% indica to sativa, with Nuken's THC content averaging 25%. Additionally, Nuken is a descendant of God Bud and Shiskaberry (also known as Kish) strains, with Shishkaberry being a runner up for Best Indica at the High Times