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Purple Dream


Don’t let the moderate THC levels deter you. Purple Dream will get you there, and you’ll be sure to enjoy every stage of the journey! Just like its name says, Purple Dream will take you to your happy place and have you floating in a creative space full of possibilities!

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Unlock the Power of Purple Dream

Introducing Purple Dream – the perfect blend of Grand Daddy Purple and Blue Dream strains! This delightful hybrid strain is the ideal companion for a relaxing day at home. Whether you’re looking for a creative pick-me-up or a social boost, Purple Dream is the perfect strain for you!

From the outside, Purple Dream is a sight to behold. Deep green buds, purple pastels and a generous dusting of trichomes make this strain one of the most beautiful and captivating around. And the power of its Cannabis Cup-winning parents is undeniable!

Aroma and Taste

The smell of Purple Dream will take you away to a spring morning in the middle of a blueberry patch. Notes of grape, blueberry and pine blend together in a heavenly aroma. When you take a toke, expect your mouth to fill with big, fruity clouds of new wood and berries, enjoyable ‘til the very end!


Purple Dream won’t get you blasted but will send you into a glorious dreamland of euphoria. It’s perfect for sparking up and going about your day with a little added boost! It’s mellow effects won’t put you on the floor, but will relax your mind and provide a blissful euphoria. You’ll start to feel its impact 10-15 minutes after smoking, and will begin to feel your worries ease and your sensory awareness increase.

Medical Benefits


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