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Purple Drank Breath

If you enjoy a little sip of that purple drank here and there, why not also enjoy smoking it, too?! Well, we don’t mean that literally! This amazing tasting strain was named after its parents, the ever so popularPurple PunchandMendo Breath F2, as well as is strong fruity flavours that are reminiscent of the lean beverage rather than actually being a byproduct of it. A nicely balanced hybrid, Purple Drank Breath is top shelf, AAAA quality bud that truly has it all.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Purple Punch x Mendo Breath F2
EFFECTS Happy, Cerebral, Relaxed, Uplifted & Hungry
PHENOTYPE 50/50 Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Fruity, Berries, Sweet & Earthy

Indulge in Purple Drank Breath

Experience the sweet and sour tastes of the ever-popular Purple Punch and the rare Mendo Breath F2 with Purple Drank Breath. This strain is top-shelf AAAA quality bud, boasting heavily potent effects and THC levels up to 26%. Enjoy a tingling sensation that spreads throughout your body, leading to a relaxation that increases over time. You’ll find yourself feeling aroused and giggly, and eventually deeply sedated and couch-locked. Not only does Purple Drank Breath provide these effects, but it also has a delicious tropical citrus flavor reminiscent of its namesake. Enjoy a sweet and sour taste that has been compared to fruity candy.


Purple Drank Breath provides soothing effects on both mind and body. This strain is effective at treating chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. It has a balanced hybrid of equal parts indica and sativa, so it's perfect for those looking to free their minds and bodies of worry and discomfort.

THC Content

The THC content of Purple Drank Breath averages between 23-26%. This makes it a heavy hitter, thanks to its parents Purple Punch and Mendo Breath F2. Purple Punch has a THC content that averages up to 24%, while Mendo Breath is considered rare with an average of 20%.

Appearance & Aroma

This strain’s nugs are long and pointed, and range in color from deep and pale minty green to thin copper orange hairs. It’s covered in frosty crystal trichomes and has an aromatic profile of tropical and citrus fruits, earthiness, and herbs. Its sweet and sour flavor is