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Platinum OG

Platinum OG is a very exotic and hard-to-find strain. Named after the metal, platinum, for its whopping 20% average THC levels. Platinum OG is really one of the hardest and heaviest hitting strains around. A true indica, Platinum OG will quickly relax the body and mind, while also sedating users into a deep, deep sleep.

3.5 GRAMS $35.00
7 GRAMS $65.00
14 GRAMS $125.00
28 GRAMS $240.00

Platinum OG

Platinum OG is a rare, indica-dominant hybrid strain created from a three-way cross between Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unknown parent. The strain is known for its incredibly potent effects and its heavy narcotic-like punch. For users looking for an evening smoke to help them unwind and destress, Platinum OG is the perfect choice.


Smoking Platinum OG will bring on strong sedative effects, with an initial euphoric buzz that will ease the mind and melt away stress. As the high progresses, users will feel tension release from the body and a sense of deep relaxation overtake them. Sleepiness will also set in, so it is best to prepare for an evening of rest. Platinum OG is also a great choice for medical users, as its heavy body buzz is great for treating chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic stress, and anxiety.

Potential side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes, while novice users may experience dizziness or headaches due to its high THC content of up to 24%.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

The buds of Platinum OG are light green and coated with a silver sheen that resembles actual platinum. They have a dense structure and come in both big and small nugs. The aroma of Platinum OG is very typical of kush strains, with an earthy, piney scent and hints of wood and gas. The smoke is quite harsh and has an earthy taste.