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Platinum Cookies by Pluto Craft Cannabis

Platinum Cookies by Pluto Craft Cannabis - Award Winning Premium Small Batch Phenotype

Introducing Platinum Cookies by Pluto Craft Cannabis, an award winning premium small batch phenotype, and the perfect treat for fans of the world renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain. Platinum Cookies is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison strains, and while it is not a child of the original GSC, it is highly reminiscent of the classic GSC strain in terms of its sweet and delectable cookie and nutty flavour profile. It also carries more aromatic notes like musk and fruits, and contains up to 26% THC potency and 1% CBD, providing a strong, cookie-filled euphoric high with amplified effects.


The high of Platinum Cookies by Pluto Craft Cannabis starts as a mood elevating, amazing uplift. Users will experience a boost of euphoria which will wash away any stress and worries, leaving them feeling happily content. As this progresses, a body buzz will begin to take effect and users will similarly feel a deep sense of relaxation settle throughout their limbs, furthering their sense of ease and peace with this strain. This body high is effective in helping relieve physical pains whether mild or chronic, including symptoms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines or also nausea as well. Due to its uplifting nature, it will also help manage anxiety in addition to providing stress relief! Its relaxing effects on both the mind and body make it better suited for evening usage, and a higher dose can result in heavy sedation.