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Platinum Bubba Kush


The homerun strain that will knock you off your feet! You may be feeling down on yourself from a buildup of stress and depression. Platinum Bubba Kush transports you into a new mindset, a mental hammock on a sandy Carribean beach. Platinum Bubba Kush erases chronic pain, getting you back in the driver’s seat of your body.

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Experience Stress Relief with Platinum Bubba Kush

If you're struggling with the daily grind of stress, depression, and chronic pain, Platinum Bubba Kush may be the answer. This powerful indica strain features up to 25% THC and is the offspring of superstar parents Bubba Kush and Platinum OG Kush. Not only will this strain help you relax into a happy place, it may also help with other medical benefits such as chronic pain, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, migraines, nausea, and stress.

The first hit of Platinum Bubba Kush is like a dream come true. With a spicy aroma and deliciously sweet flavour, this strain also delights your senses with a floral-spicy aroma. The buds are tight and covered with numerous silver trichomes. No matter where your happy place may be – a cloud, couch, or field of flowers and grass – you’ll feel right at home.

If you're looking for a strain to help you relax and reset your mind, Platinum Bubba Kush may be the perfect choice. It'll transport you to a Caribbean beach, free your body from chronic pain, and help you break out of negative feedback loops. With just one change, you can make the world of difference and get back in the driver's seat of your life.

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