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Pink Sherbet – AAAA – $200/Oz

Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC: 27%
Parents: Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbet
Aroma: Sweet | Fruity | Freshly picked berries | Citrus
Flavour: Sweet | Berry | Tangy

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Pink Sherbet

Pink Sherbet is a strain like no other. Created by crossing Pink Panties with Sunset Sherbet, the result is a visually stunning strain with a delightful aroma and well-rounded effects. The buds are dense and tightly packed, showcasing a blend of pink, purple, and orange hues. The trichomes cover the buds generously, giving them a frosty, sparkling appearance.

Aroma and Flavor

When you open a jar of Pink Sherbet, you're greeted with a sweet and fruity aroma. The scent is reminiscent of freshly picked berries, with notes of citrus and a subtle earthiness. The flavor is equally sweet, with a dominant berry profile and citrus undertones. On the exhale, a subtle earthiness emerges, adding depth to the flavor profile.


Pink Sherbet offers a well-balanced combination of effects. The onset is generally smooth and gentle, gradually inducing a sense of relaxation that spreads throughout the body. Tension and stress melt away, replaced by a soothing and calming sensation. Many users report feeling uplifted, with a boost in mood and a sense of euphoria. It can be an excellent choice for those seeking stress relief, anxiety reduction, or a peaceful state of mind.

Medical Use

The potential medical benefits associated with Pink Sherbet may include: stress and anxiety relief, mood enhancement, pain management, and appetite stimulation. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before using Pink Sherbet for medical purposes.


Pink Sherbet is available for same day weed delivery in Toronto, and same day shipping Canada-wide. Get your hands on this unique strain today!