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Pink Rozay – AAA – $130/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 22% | CBD: 1.3%
Parents: Lemonchello 10 x LPC75
Aroma: Sweet | Fruity | Berries | Floral | Citrus | Earthiness
Flavour: Sweet berries | Floral | Earthy

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Introducing the captivating Pink Rozay strain, a cannabis cultivar that has become increasingly popular among enthusiasts for its unique combination of flavours, captivating aroma, and well-balanced effects. With its visually striking appearance, captivating aroma, and well-rounded effects, it is no wonder that this strain has captured the attention and admiration of cannabis enthusiasts.

Aroma and Flavour
Pink Rozay buds exhibit an alluring display of colours that immediately catch the eye. Its dense and chunky nugs are adorned with hues of vibrant greens, juxtaposed against delicate, dusty pink pistils. Trichomes generously coat the entire surface, glistening like frost on a winter morning. Visually striking and visually appealing, Pink Rozay’s appearance is a feast for the senses.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting fragrance of Pink Rozay. Upon opening a jar or bag, a wave of sweet and fruity aromas fill the air. The scent is reminiscent of a bouquet of freshly picked berries, with hints of floral undertones dancing in harmony. As the aroma intensifies, subtle notes of citrus and earthiness reveal themselves, adding depth to the overall olfactory experience. The scent alone is enough to pique one’s curiosity and anticipation.

Pink Rozay’s flavour profile is as delightful as its aroma. When consumed, the initial taste is reminiscent of sweet berries, followed by a delightful blend of floral and earthy notes. The terpene profile shines through, lending a subtle spiciness that adds complexity to the overall experience. Each inhalation is smooth, allowing the flavours to unfold gracefully on the palate. Whether vaporized or enjoyed through traditional means, Pink Rozay delivers an exceptional taste that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The effects of Pink Rozay are well-balanced, making it an ideal strain for various occasions