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Pink Panties

No need to get your panties all in a twist because we’re about to get scandalous! This enticing strain is a cross of two kush strains:Burmese KushandFlorida Kush! It was originally created by the Cookie Fam based in San Francisco. Named for its pretty pink colouring which happens to be quite fitting for its teasing effects. Why? It is widely known to be an arousing strain!

Bud Size Medium – Large
Grade AAAA+
Lineage Burmese Kush x Florida Kush
Effects Happy, Uplifted, Aroused, Sleepy, Hungry & Sedated
Classification Indica
Terpene Profile Pine, Diesel, Earthy, Gas & Woody

Indulge in Pink Panties

Invite temptation and pleasure into the bedroom with Pink Panties! This seductive strain is a cross between two kush strains: Burmese Kush and Florida Kush! Created by the Cookie Fam in San Francisco, it has become a favourite of many for its alluring effects and potency. It boasts THC levels up to 24%, and its flavour profile blends a pungent sourness with sweet citrus and berries. Its nuggets are also a pretty sight, with a deep mossy green hue and patches of purple.

Heavenly Effects

Pink Panties offers a gradual, calming high that starts as a slow creeper. Feel a heaviness throughout your body, from your eyelids to your limbs, and enjoy a sedative, soothing sensation that may provide relief from pains and aches. The strain is known to be an aphrodisiac, so it's an excellent addition to your bedroom escapades. It also offers uplifting cerebral effects to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression and PTSD. For those with insomnia, Pink Panties may be a great way to get a good night's sleep.

Smooth Smoke and Sweet Taste