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Pink Kush – AAAA


Strain:  Indica
THC Level:  25.00%
Parents: Og Kush x N/A
Aroma: Vanilla, wood, eath, pine, flowers
Flavour: Sweet, candied vanilla, menthol, pine, berries.

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Introducing Pink Kush – the indica-dominant strain that offers users a unique blend of calming and uplifting effects. With up to 90% indica and 10% sativa, this strain offers a vibrant and surprisingly sweet flavor, making it a favorite among users. From easing mental pressure and aiding in back pains, migraines, and other aches to helping unravel tension and soothe frayed nerves, Pink Kush can help in a variety of ways.

For those suffering from intense stress and anxiety, Pink Kush can help to calm racing thoughts, allowing for a more tranquil feeling. Insomniacs have found it useful for assisting with sleep, while those seeking to socialize will appreciate the strain’s ability to lower stress and ease anxiety.

Aromatically speaking, Pink Kush has a pungent and striking scent, with hints of vanilla, wood, earth, pine, and flowers. Its flavor is equally as robust and complex, with notes of sweet, candied vanilla on the inhale, followed by a floral bouquet, a sour touch of citrus, and a crisp, fresh taste of menthol and pine.

When it comes to the effects, users will find that they are instantly taken to an euphoric headspace, with light-hearted giggles. As the high gets deeper, an intense feeling of relaxation and mental clarity is achieved. Pink Kush is also known to trigger hunger, so make sure to have snacks on hand.

For those looking to grow Pink Kush, it is a hardy strain, but growers should be watchful. With its ability to soothe stress, ease anxiety, and induce sleep, it is no wonder why Pink Kush has become a favorite among cannabis users.