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Papaya Punch #2 by Oni Seeds

Papaya Punch #2 by Oni Seeds is an exotic andüber uplifting 50/50hybrid strainsthat provides a real 1-2 punch with its’ combination of potency and alluring flavour profile. By crossing Papaya with Purple Punch, Oni Seeds was able to create a power-packing bud with a profound high with multiple layers. Both motivating and relaxing, Papaya Punch #2 was one of many phenotypes researched and was eventually chosen for its’ evenly-keeled balance of uplifting sativa-eqsue effects and its’ mellow indica-like calmness, along with its’ delectable and robust papaya terpene profile. Like many members of the Punch family of strains, Papaya Punch #2 inherits a sweet, fruity aroma and flavour profile that is like no other. Notes of ripe grapes fuse with the island sweetness of papaya fruit and tart pineapples to create a tropic paradise. THC levels for this 50/50 hybrid hover around the mid-20% range, with most samples testing near 23-25% on average. A remarkable high THC strain, Papaya Punch #2 is a suitable for use during any time of the day – its’ energetic and rejuvenating high is perfect for a wake and bake, inciting tokers with creativity, inspiration and a sense of determined focus. Papaya Punch #2 by Oni Seeds is the strain of choice for many social gatherings and activities, with many noting its’ uplifting, giggly and talkative effects as a major positive. Ride this tropical, fruit punch wave and let this sweet, haze-like strain melt away pain, fatigue, depression and stress.
PLEASE NOTE:The quality of this batch of Papaya Punch is drier than average – every bag has been supplied with a free Boveda two-way humidity control pack.

Experience the Tropical Getaway with Papaya Punch #2 by Oni Seeds

Are you ready to take your taste buds on a one-way ticket to paradise? Then look no further than the Papaya Punch #2 strain by Oni Seeds! This indica-leaning, balanced hybrid was created by crossbreeding two of the most popular fruity strains, the Purple Punch and Papaya, and offers users an uplifting and positive experience. As soon as you open the bag, you'll be hit with aromas and flavours of exotic fruits, making you feel like you've been transported to the tropics. Perfect for social get-togethers or a rainy day retreat!

Effects of Papaya Punch #2

This one-of-a-kind strain offers users a unique combination of sativa and indica effects. On the sativa side, you'll experience feelings of happiness and fits of giggles, making it a great choice for socializing. It also provides a boost of energy, perfect for daytime usage. On the indica side, you'll feel a mellow-like calmness and body relaxation, helping to ease body pains and reduce stress. Papaya Punch #2 gives you the best of both worlds!

THC Content

Papaya Punch #2 has tested to measure at 20% THC on average, but can reach upwards of 25% for some batches. Its parent, Purple Punch, is an indica-dominant hybrid (crossed between Larry OG