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Organic Tangerine Dream Bubble Hash

100% Organically Grown on Vancouver Island
Each Package Includes 1 Gram of organic Tangerine dream bubble hash Hash
Form: Soft
THC Level High

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Experience the blissful effects of Tangerine Dream Bubble Hash with Kamikazi! This ultra-refined full melt hash is made from the 2012 Cannabis Cup winner and is sure to be your new favorite. This balanced hybrid will bring you to a level of euphoria that will have you feeling stress-free in no time.

Kamikazi's Tangerine Dream Bubble Hash is made with a process involving ice water and a series of mesh sieves. This process separates the potent resin glands from the plant material, creating a superior-quality hash. It is then further refined using finer mesh sieves and pressed under a micron screen or cotton muslin cloth.

Smoke this hash using a variety of techniques. Roll it into snakes and wrap it around a joint or blunt, add it on top of or mix it in with flower in your pipe, consume it by itself on a screen in a pipe or water pipe, or even vape it with a vaporizer designed for hashish and similar concentrates. Whatever way you choose to smoke it, you're sure to enjoy the powerful effects of this refined bubble hash.