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Orange Push Pop


This spectacular indica-dominant hybrid strain is one you don’t want to miss – Orange Push Pop by Pluto Craft Cannabis is an exotic mix of two stellar strains which are Triangle Kush and Orange Cookies. Like always, all of Pluto Craft Cannabis’ flowers are sourced from extensive pheno-hunts and grown in small-batches to ensure the finest quality.

LINEAGE Orange Cookies x Triangle Kush
EFFECTS Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy & Cerebral
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Sweet, Citrus, Fruity & Earthy

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Introducing Orange Push Pop 

Experience a blast from the past with the delicious and nostalgic Orange Push Pop! This indica leaning hybrid is created by crossing Orange Cookies and Triangle Kush and was bred by professional growers at Pluto Craft Cannabis, the same folks who brought us other fruity favourites such as Gelato #33, Fruity Pebbles, and Melonade. Despite its indica dominance, Orange Push Pop is widely acclaimed for its balanced, well-rounded high – providing a relaxing yet uplifting effect that's great for all day usage.

Experience the Effects

The Orange Push Pop high is marked by a happy and uplifting effect, which pairs perfectly with its relaxation-inducing body high. This strain is mild and not overwhelming, allowing you to go about your daily activities without feeling weighed down. It's also great for day-time use and can help treat depression and stress, as well as physical pain. Furthermore, it's energizing, which can help combat fatigue and make for a great morning strain. Not to mention, it pairs excellently with a scoop of ice cream!

THC Content

Orange Push Pop's THC levels range between