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Orange Crush

A true west coast classic, Orange Crush is another British Columbian bred strain to be proud of. Originally cultivated by the BC Growers Association, Orange Crush is sativa-dominant cross between California Orange and Blueberry with a distinct and exquisite flavour profile. Orange Crush is highly regarded for its extremely sweet and pungent terpenes, and its positive, euphoric and inspiring effects.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE California Orange x Blueberry
EFFECTS Relaxed, Creative, Happy, Energetic & Uplifted
PHENOTYPE Sativa-dominant Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Citrus, Sweet & Haze

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is an uplifting and energizing sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is perfect for day-time use. With THC concentrations ranging from 15-22%, it is a potent and powerful strain that provides an invigorating and giggly high. It is known for its ability to help relax the body while elevating the mind, making it great for dealing with depression, stress, insomnia, fatigue, and pain.

Effects & THC Concentration

What makes Orange Crush stand out are its physical features. Its vibrant green buds contain fine orange hairs that are covered by a blanket of trichomes, giving it a highly resinous appearance and a strong THC concentration.

Aroma & Flavour

Orange Crush has a very distinct and powerful aroma, consisting of an earthy base tone with subtle hints of orange, lime, and a candy-like sweetness. The flavour of this strain is just as remarkable, with sweet and citrusy notes that will leave you wanting more.