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OG Shark – AAA+

Strain: 70% Sativa | 30% Indica
THC Level: 26%
Parents: Diesel x Blueberry
Aroma: Berry | Diesel | Skunk | Sweet earth
Flavour: Blueberry | Spice | Earth

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OG Shark: A Mysterious and Powerful Strain

OG Shark is a mysterious strain that has been traced back to Canada, where it is believed to be a cross between Diesel and Blueberry. With THC levels reaching up to 26%, OG Shark packs a powerful punch that should only be enjoyed by experienced smokers. Its nugs are oblong in shape and have a beautiful mix of purple and green tones, along with hints of berry, spice, skunk, and sweet earth.

Cerebral Effects

The effects of OG Shark are quite strong and cerebral, with users often experiencing a feeling of euphoria and heightened creativity. Despite its 70/30 hybrid balance, it has a strong cerebral effect and can cause strong paranoia if too much is consumed.

Medical Benefits

OG Shark is a great strain for those who need relief from insomnia, stress, depression, and even minor cases of pain. Be aware that consuming too much can lead to mental side effects and intense cottonmouth.

Where to Find OG Shark

OG Shark is gaining popularity in Canada, and many American smokers are even driving across the border to get their hands on some. You can find it in select US markets, but many dispensaries have yet to stock it. If you do get your hands on OG Shark, be sure to share it with your friends and have a great movie night.

Read more about OG Shark at Wikileaf.com.