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NYC Diesel


NYC Diesel channels hustle and bustle in the best possible way! Get ready for a boost of energy to pep your step. This strain will help you focus and boost your creativity. It soothes your body and elevates your mind! Tell your worries and stress to take a hike. You’ve got big plans with NYC Diesel!

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Experience Uplifting and Energizing Effects with NYC Diesel

Looking for a strain that will get your creative juices flowing? Look no further than NYC Diesel from Soma Seeds. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross of Sour Diesel and either an Afghani indica or Hawaiian sativa landrace strain. Since its introduction, NYC Diesel has won 9 Cannabis Cup awards, making it a must-have for any stoner stash!

This strain has a striking lime green colour, and is covered in light orange hairs, vibrant orange trichomes, and sometimes even hues of purple, blue and yellow. When you take a whiff of NYC Diesel, you'll be met with a mix of strong diesel and fruit fragrance. Not only does it smell fantastic, but it tastes even better! NYC Diesel has a sour flavour with citrus notes, a tanginess, and a pleasant and refreshing grapefruit aftertaste.

Experience NYC Diesel’s energizing and uplifting effects that will fill you with creativity, focus, and euphoria. Medical users will find relief from appetite loss, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, muscle spasms, headache, and fatigue. Conquer the day with a few puffs of NYC Diesel!

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