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Nuken will make you say ‘Oh Canada!’ in more ways than one! This certified Canadian cannabis is some of the most high-quality bud you can get your hands on. Nuken is ideal for those chill nights when you want to veg and space out with its unique scent and flavour and intense, long-lasting effects!

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Nuken: A Potent and Pleasurable Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Nuken is the perfect indica-dominant hybrid for those looking to reap the benefits of an indica without feeling completely stone-like. This strain is born of two incredibly popular parents: legendary God Bud and Kish, an Afghani mix. As a result, Nuken has a THC range that ranges from 13-25%, with some users claiming up to 30%.

Nuken is a strain that appeals to all users, as it has a unique aroma and flavour that you won't find elsewhere. It has a pungent scent of sweet marshmallows combined with a skunky odour, and its flavour profile is just as unique. It has a taste of freshly baked marshmallow pie, with notes of pinene and a skunky tinge on the exhale. If you share your space with other people, be sure to take extra precautions, as this is a particularly pungent strain.

In terms of its appearance, Nuken is as naturally stunning as its homeland of British Columbia, Canada. It has a dense bud structure with vibrant neon green buds and a generous coating of sticky trichomes that make it glisten like the glorious snow of the Canadian Rockies. This makes it ideal for making hash and other concentrates.

And finally, the effects of Nuken are unmatched. It'll mellow you out and kick your pain to the curb, while also boosting your mood to new heights and supplying a healthy dose of the giggles. With Nuken, you don’t have to compromise!

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