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Nitro OG – Hybrid Bulk


Nitro OG is the perfect blend of Gas Mask and Animal Cookies, two exquisite varieties that truly shine when combined. The moment you take a toke, your mind will be flooded with an unwavering sense of calmness that banishes anxiousness or racing thoughts; providing unparalleled clarity for creative problem solving or social situations. With 18-19% THC and 1-2% CBD levels, Nitro OG offers unbeatable relaxation with every hit! If you’re looking for a solution to chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and mood swings without having to sacrifice taste, Nitro OG is the answer. With its delectable blend of sweet cookie flavors with an intense diesel finish that will please your palate. And when you inhale its pungent aroma of earthy notes mixed with a hint of tartness – combined with body-calming effects on your mind – peaceful blissfulness is amplified!

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About Nitro OG Hybrid Strain

Experience an alluringly blissful high with every puff of Nitro OG Hybrid, the perfectly balanced hybrid cannabis strain born from Gas Mask and Animal Cookies. The moment you exhale this celebrity child's pungent aroma, invigorating euphoria will gush through your mind - banishing any negative or racing thoughts for unparalleled clarity to pursue creative endeavors or social functions. You won't find a better way to relax after a long day! Feel the tranquility of Nitro OG's remarkable 18-19% THC and calming 1-2% CBD content. It is a great remedy for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, mood swings and pain - all with an exquisite flavor of sweet cookies combined with a strong diesel finish that will tantalize your taste buds! Nitro OG is a weed strain that amplifies euphoria and unlocks your mind's untapped potential. Its aroma is pungent with an earthy touch,and its taste features a tart tang. The dark olive green buds are thick, rounded like spades and highlighted by deep purple hues along with thin orange hairs; these nugs shine brightly due to the heavy layer of trichomes ranging from shades of white to darker purples.

After 45 minutes of being under the influence of Nitro OG cannabis, its intensity begins to fade, and a feeling of tranquility takes over. After an hour passes, our bodies are left in a state of utter relaxation as we drift away into blissfulness. True to its name, Nitro OG delivers on what it promises - profound mental and physical relief!

As the night progresses, participating in activities with Nitro OG will allow for a truly unforgettable experience. This powerful strain will take you to another level of consciousness and guarantee an incomparable blissful finale - making it the perfect "Main Event" for your evening.

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