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Natures Harvest Chocolate Bars


These Natures Harvest Chocolate Bars covered with a creamy and delicious chocolate 1000mg thc per 109 g, just in case your yearning for the perfect sweet tooth.

Made with real, high quality cocoa beans that have been lovingly sourced for great taste and worker excellence. Natures Harvest Chocolate Bars are perfect for when you want a treat but also want to feel good about what youre putting in your mouth.

The guilt of eating an entire chocolate bar will end once you try one of our Natures Harvest Chocolate Bars. With ingredients like cacao, organic cane sugar, and sunflower oil, these bars are made without refined sugars or palm kernel oil and are vegan. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever seen one!

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These Nature’s Harvest Chocolate Bars are 1000 mg per Full-spectrum THC infused bar. they come squared for easy splitting and dose control.

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Each, 4