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Miss Envy Rick Simpson Oil


Miss Envy Botanicals is very happy to be carrying their rendition of the infamous Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO for short, on their menu. Their high standards for quality combined with their organic, health-conscious views ensure that Miss Envy only produces the finest cannabis-based oils, tinctures, and tears. All of Miss Envy’s CBD and THC products are made from local BC farms! RSO is typically used medicinally as a treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy and nausea. Miss Envy’s Rick Simpson Oil comes in a convenient syringe that can be perfectly dosed and applied topically or sublingually!

CONTENTS 1x 1mL Oral Syringe
DOSAGE Each Miss Envy Rick Simpson Oil syringe contains 560-600mg of THC. Begin with 1 pea sized serving under the tongue and allow 30-90 minutes before ingesting anymore.
EFFECTS Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry & Happy
MEDICAL EFFECTS Pain, Stress, Inflammation, Lack of Appetite, Depression, Arthritis & Multiple Sclerosis

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Miss Envy Rick Simpson Oil: The Finest Cannabis-Based Oil

Miss Envy Botanicals is proud to offer their rendition of the renowned Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. Utilizing their commitment to quality, health-conscious ingredients, and organic farming, Miss Envy has crafted a CBD and THC product that is made from local BC farms. RSO is often used to treat a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and nausea. The Miss Envy Rick Simpson Oil comes in a convenient syringe for easy dosage and application either topically or sublingually.

What Are Cannabis Oils, Tinctures, and Tears?

Cannabis tinctures, oils, and tears have a long history in North America, with their use dating back to the 19th century. Before the United States of America implemented cannabis prohibition in 1937, tinctures were the primary method of medicinal cannabis consumption. Tinctures, oils, and tears are made by soaking decarboxylated bud and plant material in high-percentage alcohol, extracting the various cannabinoids and terpenes and leaving behind undesirable plant matter like waxes and lipids. This creates an all-purpose medicinal oil or alcohol-based solution that is effective in treating a range of ailments.

The Benefits of Cannabis Oils, Tinctures, and Tears