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Mint Chocolate Chip – AA+ – $80/Oz

Strain: Hybrid
THC Level: 19%
Parents: Green Ribbon BX x Mystery Cookies
Aroma: Sweet herbal | Eucalyptus | Potpourri | Mint
Flavour: Mint | Sour

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Mint Chocolate Chip


Mint Chocolate Chip is a hybrid of sativa and indica, created by the mad geniuses at Exotic Genetix. It is a cross between Green Ribbon BX and Mystery Cookies, and provides users with a uniquely minty flavor. Mint Chocolate Chip's THC content has been measured ranging from 17-23%.

Aroma and Flavour

Mint Chocolate Chip has a distinct tapered shape and inner makeup that leans more towards indica. The leaves are short and wide, and come in a variety of mossy greens. Curly orange pistils and translucent trichomes complete the look of these eye-catching flowers. When properly cured, Mint Chocolate Chip has a sweet herbal aroma with hints of menthol and mint. When broken up or ground, the flowers give off a pungent skunky odour. When smoked, it has a smooth and easily ingested smoke with a minty and slightly sour taste on the exhale.


Mint Chocolate Chip's effects begin with a head rush and a tight, “headband”-like feeling around the lower forehead and temples. Thoughts may take on a new frequency or intensity, creating a sense of interconnectedness. After about an hour, a deep body stone may set in, with a tingling feeling starting at the nape of the neck and trickling down through the spine and core. This strain can help with productivity on detailed tasks as well as open-ended creative endeavours.

Medical Use

Mint Chocolate Chip can help those with ADD to concentrate more effectively. Additionally, it can improve mood and temporarily reduce the symptoms of stress or depression. Physically, Mint Chocolate Chip can soothe all kinds of aches and