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Mendo Breath (Smalls)

Mendo Breath strain is a notorious terpene-rich indica strain first bred by Gage Green Genetics based out of Oakland, California. Mendo Breath is the result of crossing a California classic, Mendo Montage and the illustrious OG Kush Breath aka OGKB, the purported original ancestor of the famous Cookies family of strains.

BUD SIZE Popcorn – Small
LINEAGE Mendo Montage x OG Kush Breath
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Sedated & Hungry
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Sweet, Woody & Spicy

PLEASE NOTE:This batch of Mendo Breath consists mainly of SMALL buds with a mixture of popcorn nugs. This batch is very purple and may differ from the current photos.

Mendo Breath

Introducing Mendo Breath from Gage Green Genetics in Oakland, California – a heavily potent indica strain that is quickly gaining popularity in dispensaries and compassion clubs in California, Washington, and even Canada! Mendo Breath is the result of crossing California classic, Mendo Montage and the illustrious Orange Kush Breath. This exclusive strain is constantly sought out for its full-bodied effects, intense high and distinct sweet aroma.


Mendo Breath is renowned for its heavily intoxicating potency and compelling healing effects. With THC levels ranging from 19%-24%, Mendo Breath certainly meets the expectations set by its legendary lineage. This strain is recommended for night-time use, as its relaxing, sedating effects can de-rail any of your day-time plans. Mendo Breath is renowned for its quick-acting and heavily intoxicating effects, and can be used to treat pain, muscle spasms and headaches.

Appearance & Aroma

Mendo Breath nugs are as beautiful as Northern California where it hails from, with bright, dense and conular buds covered in large trichomes. The enticing aroma of Mendo Breath is a fusion of sweet vanilla and caramel notes from OGKB and grape, candy essence from Mendo Montage – creating a delectable, salivating terpene profile like no other.