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Mataro Blue


Mataro Blue is the life of the party! Supplying elevating euphoria and a pleasant body buzz, you’ll feel all your worries, aches and pains leave your body only to be filled back up with positive vibes and good times!

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Experience Uplifting & Relaxing Effects with Mataro Blue

Introducing Mataro Blue, an award-winning, rare indica-dominant hybrid strain created from the sensual threesome of Black Domina, Mazar I Sharif and Blue Monsters. This strain has gorgeous looks and uplifting, healing effects, so you’ll feel like your mind and body are in sync and on the brink of pure euphoria and relaxation.

Appearance, Flavour & Effects

Mataro Blue's buds are dense with tight nugs that have a stunning forest green color with blue undertones, and are painted with thin orange hairs. When broken apart or ground in a weed grinder, the buds release a fresh aroma of earthy berries elevated by hints of herbal spice when burnt. The flavour is a tangy-sweet berry flavour with a slight hint of spice, making for a spicy-sweet exhale that lingers long after smoking.

The effects come on easily, starting with a tingly lifting sensation in the head and neck. This is soon followed by a building feeling behind your eyes, leaving you feeling uplifted and confident - perfect for a social occasion. As the tingle spreads throughout your body, it will feel like Mataro Blue is massaging all your aches, pains and troubles away. The effects and calming body high come together in perfect harmony as you feel happy and sedated without being too tired. THC levels range from 18 to 25%.

Medical Benefits

Mataro Blue is a great strain for pain management and chronic pain, and it’s also perfect for combatting depression and anxiety. Additionally, its mood-enhancing properties make it excellent for stress relief, stimulating

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18 – 21%