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Master Kush


Master Kush or MK is a classic and globally recognized Indica strain with origins from Amsterdam. This potent indica strain is beloved by many, and is very-well decorated, winning awards such as 1st Place at the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup in two consecutive years.

EFFECTS Relaxed, Hungry, Sleepy, Sedated & Happy
TERPENE PROFILE Spicy, Gas, Woody, Earthy & Kush

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Master Kush - A Classic Indica

Master Kush, also known as MK, is a classic indica strain that originated from southern Amsterdam. Previously known as High Rise, this strain was created by the Dutch White Label Seed Company and quickly rose to become one of the most popular strains worldwide. Although the exact origins of MK remain unknown, it is thought to be a combination of two potent landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region. This cross created an incredibly powerful strain with impressive medicinal effects, leaving users feeling relaxed and sedated.

Flavour & Aroma

The flavours of Master Kush are unique and unforgettable. It has an earthy base note, with a tart citrus essence reminiscent of OG Kush. The most remarkable aspect of Master Kush is its unmistakable incense flavours, similar to that of a Hash Plant strain or Charas hash.


This heavy-hitting indica has average THC levels of 19-22%, providing an immediate burst of euphoria and uplifting energy. After the initial head-high, the effects transition into a full-bodied, sedative body high that is perfect for relieving stress and muscle tension.


Master Kush is also distinguished by its physical characteristics. The round nugs of this strain range from small to medium in size and have fluorescent lime green and deep purple hues. Master Kush is covered in a heavily concentrated amount of resinous trichome stalks and heads.