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Mandarin Cookies

Intense citrus and haze, diesel-like aromas carefully mesh together to create one of the most unique sativa strains we’ve seen in a while. The characteristic high of Mandarin Cookies is defined by its invigorating and uplifting nature. Immediately upon smoking, users tend to feel a euphoric surge of energy that imbues creativeness, focus & general happiness. Mandarin Cookies quickly became recognized for its earthier sour tangerine tones and pungent diesel-like undertones.

LINEAGE Girl Scout Cookies x Mandarin Sunset
EFFECTS Cerebral, Uplifted, Happy, Creative & Energetic
TERPENE PROFILE Citrus, Earthy, Mandarin & Vanilla

Mandarin Cookies from Island Kraft

Introducing a new strain on the cannabis market – Mandarin Cookies by Island Kraft. This sativa-dominant hybrid is the product of a breeding project that crossed Cookies (GSC) and Mandarin Sunset. Mandarin Cookies is known for its unique flavour profile – a blend of sweet citrus and pungent cannabis aromas. It is as tasty as it is powerful, boasting a THC measurement of up to 24%.

Effects of Mandarin Cookies

When you use Mandarin Cookies by Island Kraft, you'll experience an energizing and uplifting high filled with happiness and creativity. You'll also get a bit of a body high that's calming and soothing, but not sedative or tiring. This makes it perfect for daytime use, especially if you're feeling down, stressed, or fatigued. The relaxation it provides can also help with headaches, migraines, and chronic pain.

THC Content

Mandarin Cookies has an impressive high average of 24%, with a range between 19%-26%. It is a 70% sativa and 30% indica hybrid. Its parent, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 24% THC average, and its other parent, Mandarin Sunset, is a 21%-25% THC potency well-balanced hybrid. Both parents bring great genetics to this strain.

Appearance & Aroma

Mandarin Cookies has bright yellow and deep amber orange hairs that stand out against its olive green nugs. It has a nice coating of white crystalline trichomes and a pungent aroma of cannabis with bright, tangy notes of citrus. When you exhale its smoke, you'll experience