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Mac 1 – AAAA+

Strain: Hybrid
THC: 27.5%
Parents: Miracle Alien Cookies x Starfighter
Aroma: Sour Diesel | Spicy herbal | Sweet citrus
Flavour: Sour Diesel | Spicy herbal | Sweet citrus



MAC 1, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, is a potent and popular strain that has captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. With origins shrouded in mystery, this powerhouse hybrid boasts a THC content reaching up to 25%, and some sources claim it can soar even higher to an impressive 30%.

Aroma and Flavour

MAC 1's dense nugs are blanketed in trichomes, showcasing vibrant green and purple hues beneath. The aroma is a bold combination of sour diesel with hints of citrus and spicy herbs, while the flavor profile delivers a robust and invigorating experience.


Renowned for its balanced effects, MAC 1 offers users a dynamic experience that begins with an uplifting cerebral euphoria before transitioning into deep physical relaxation. Ideal for late afternoon or early evening use, this strain may inspire creativity and focus before lulling consumers into a tranquil state.

Medical Use

With its well-rounded hybrid nature, MAC 1 is cherished by medical users seeking relief from conditions such as depression, anxiety, migraines, muscle tension, joint discomfort, and appetite issues. This versatile strain provides potential benefits across various physical and mental health concerns.

From Staff

For those drawn to the allure of pungent diesel strains, MAC 1 is undoubtedly worthy of consideration. Its harmonious blend of sativa and hybrid effects offers versatility in usage throughout the day. Experimenting with different consumption times can reveal where MAC 1 best complements your daily routine.