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Lucky Charms – AAAA – $190/Oz

Strain: 60% Sativa | 40% Indica
THC Level: 22%
Parents: The White | Appalachia
Aroma: Sweet berries | Musty | Pine
Flavour:  Sweet| Fruit | Citrus | Berry | pine

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Lucky Charms: A Balanced Hybrid with Bold and Fruity Flavors

Created by the same prolific growers who have created strains like Tiger’s Milk and Sunshine Daydream, Lucky Charms is a long-lasting, well-balanced hybrid that offers bold and fruity flavors. This bud is a cross between resinous The White and pungent Appalachia, and has all the best psychoactive qualities of both. Its THC content has been measured at between 15% and 22%.

Appearance and Aroma

Lucky Charms sets itself apart with large flowers that adhere in elongated, almost cylindrical clusters. The buds have a dense, indica-typical structure, with leaves tightly coiled around their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy green and are threaded through with vibrant orange pistils. Much like parent strain The White, Lucky Charms is also absolutely coated in snowy trichomes that make the flowers difficult to break up without use of a quality grinder.

When it comes to aroma, Lucky Charms combines fragrant floral notes with hints of sweet berries. However, breaking open the buds releases a musty odor with subtle piney undertones. Its flavor is much like its namesake cereal, with sweet notes of fruit, citrus, and berry, and hints of pine.


Lucky Charms has a one-two combination punch of effects, leaving smokers relaxed while still elevating their patterns of thinking. It can be a creeper, taking several minutes after consumers have finished toking before making its presence known. Eventually, smokers may notice that their thoughts take on a quick, freely-associative character. This feeling of mind-race can cause the uninitiated to feel somewhat out of control. In the right set and setting, though