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Lucky Charms – AAAA – $190/Oz

Strain: 60% Sativa | 40% Indica
THC Level: 22%
Parents: The White | Appalachia
Aroma: Sweet berries | Musty | Pine
Flavour:  Sweet| Fruit | Citrus | Berry | pine


Lucky Charms is a captivating hybrid strain that delivers a delightful taste and well-rounded effects. Crafted by Bodhi Seeds, renowned for creating exceptional strains like Tiger’s Milk and Sunshine Daydream, this bud is the result of crossing The White and Appalachia. With THC levels ranging from 15% to 22%, Lucky Charms offers a balanced psychoactive experience.

Lucky Charms stands out with its large, elongated flower clusters and dense indica structure. The mossy green leaves are adorned with vibrant orange pistils and coated in glistening trichomes, making the flowers challenging to break up without a quality grinder.

Aroma and Flavor
This strain exudes a fragrant floral aroma with hints of sweet berries, while the flavor profile boasts prominent notes of fruit, citrus, and berry complemented by subtle pine undertones. However, novice smokers should be aware that Lucky Charms can produce harsh smoke.

Lucky Charms delivers a dual impact of relaxation coupled with heightened cognitive function. It may take some time for its effects to fully manifest, but once they do, users may experience free-flowing thoughts and reduced mental stress. The strain's sativa properties can induce sensory distortions for an intriguing experience. As time passes or dosage increases, it transitions into mild physical sedation—an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day or week.

Medical Use
Aside from its appealing effects, Lucky Charms also offers potential medical benefits such as enhancing focus for individuals with attention deficit disorder and alleviating stress or depression symptoms. Its sedative properties can provide relief from various discomforts including headaches and nausea; however, caution is advised for those susceptible to paranoia or mind-race side effects.

From Staff
Much like its namesake cereal brand known for its deliciousness, Lucky Charms impresses with its berry-forward flavor profile combined with uplifting effects that are not overpowering—a winning choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking balance in their experience.