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Lucky Charms


Fruity and with just the right amount of zing, Lucky Charms is ahybrid-dominantstrain that draws influence from the popular marshmallow filled breakfast cereal.

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Lucky Charms: A Fruity Hybrid Strain with Benefits

Carry the luck o’ the Irish with you when you get your hands on some Lucky Charms strain weed! A balanced hybrid strain that draws its influence from its marshmallow breakfast cereal namesake, Lucky Charms is a cross between ‘The White’ and ‘Appalachia’ that offers a sweet and flowery flavor, just like the cereal. Its dense, short, and stalky buds are covered in a thick white trichome layer and boast a THC potency of 15% to 22%.

Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

Lucky Charms has all the sweetness of its namesake cereal without the marshmallows. Its buds are dense, short, and stalky and are covered in a thick layer of white trichomes. When you break up the buds and inhale, you’ll experience a sweet and fruity flavor that will remind you of the flavor of the cereal.

Medical Benefits

The Lucky Charms strain is known for its uplifting, stress-relieving effects that can last well into the afternoon if enjoyed in the morning. Its medical uses include mood elevation, anxiety, and depression.

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16 – 19%