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Lemon Kush by Alien Genetics

Lemon Kush by Alien Genetics is an exotic and mysterious hybrid created by the prolific breeders also responsible for conceiving the popular indica flower Alien Kush. This distinctive strain is a cross between the tart Lemon Joy and the sedating Master Kush, and it contains an impressive 26% THC concentration.


With its balanced hybrid genetics, Lemon Kush by Alien Genetics offers a unique and complex experience. It is known for being a creeper, with effects that can take up to 15 minutes to fully kick in. This strain is highly psychoactive and has a strong cerebral focus, providing a euphoric rush and waves of creativity. It also has a mild body-buzz, making it an ideal strain for day-time use.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

This hearty hybrid has long cone-shaped buds with fluorescent green leaves and red hairs. It is also covered in thick, resinous layers of THC trichomes, giving it a powerful citrus scent and sweet, mellow earthy flavor. When smoked, it produces a clean, white ash and has a strong taste of tart lemon-rinds on the inhale and sweet, earthy kush properties on the exhale.