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King Tut Rosin (Squish Extracts)


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Introducing King Tut Rosin by Squish Extracts! This sativa-dominant cannabis strain, sometimes known as Tutankhamon, is the perfect way to experience energizing, uplifting effects while enjoying a sweet and fruity flavor. King Tut Rosin is great for relieving pain, inflammation, depression, and stress, making it a great choice for any time of day. Each order contains 1 gram of rosin, so you can find the perfect dose to experience all that King Tut Rosin has to offer.


King Tut Rosin offers an earthy yet sweet flavor, with hints of fruity sweetness.


King Tut Rosin is known for its energizing and euphoric effects. Users report feeling relaxed, uplifted, and happy after smoking.

Medical Benefits

King Tut Rosin is a great choice for those seeking relief from stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite. Get ready to enjoy the energizing and healing effects of King Tut Rosin!