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This one is for all the dessert lovers out there! Jealousy is a sweet and flavourful hybrid that crosses two classics: Gelato #41 and Sherbet. If you like candy, vanilla and fruity gelato, then this is the one for you.

LINEAGE Sherbert BX1 x Gelato 41
EFFECTS Giggly, Relaxed, Talkative & Uplifted
PHENOTYPE 50/50 hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Pepper, Earthy, Plum & Sweet

Indulge in the Sweet Sin of Jealousy

Let yourself be tempted by Jealousy, a hybrid strain that combines two sweet favourites: the Gelato 41 and Sherbet! With a reputation for packing a heavily potent high that is balanced and full-bodied, it is the perfect strain for those seeking to unwind without feeling sedated. Its flavor profile is made up of creamy candy and fruity gelato ice cream with predominant notes of creamy vanilla, orange citrus, cherries and berries in addition to fresh earth and even a hint of lavender!


Jealousy’s high can be pretty fast acting with some users reporting instant uplift and euphoric happiness that starts off with a cerebral buzz, offering relief from mood swings, stress and depression. In addition to an elevated mood, the high’s initial effects include a boost of creativity, energy and motivation. These more cerebral-focused effects are also shortly followed and paired with feelings of bodily relaxation which, when combined with its powerful euphoria, allows for an overall sense of calmness. The body high is soothing, and may relieve chronic pains as well as tension aches like cramps, nausea or migraines, though it is not at all susceptible to couch-lock, so you’ll still be able to remain active despite being relaxed both mentally and physically.

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