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Jamaican Red Gum (Finger) Hash


* This is true finger hash, should be broken into small pieces not buffed
Each container includes 1 gram of premium Jamaican Red Gum hash
Form: Soft
THC Level: Very High

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Introducing Kamikazi's Jamaican Red Gum, a high-grade hash renowned for its unique bright red and orange colour and creamy, potent texture. Originating from Jamaica's tropical climate, this hash is produced only during the hot seasons when the cannabis flower contains red hairs, resulting in its distinctive hue.

Unlike other parts of the world, Jamaican Red Gum is made from live plants, using a technique called 'charas'. This involves rubbing the fresh flowers against hands or running through fields with nylon coats to collect the sticky THC that has been exposed to the sun.

The result is an expensive, high-grade hash that has a sweet and piny taste with an earthy/piney smell. It provides a clean body high and deep, heavy head buzz that is truly unparalleled.

Kamikazi’s Jamaican Red Gum can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Roll it into snakes and wrap them into or around a joint or blunt, add it on top of or mix it in with flower in a pipe, or consume it by itself on a screen in a pipe or water pipe. You can also vape it, although it is recommended to use degummed hemp fiber to avoid clogging the vaporizer innards.

Experience the unique effects of Jamaican Red Gum today with Kamikazi!