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Jack’s Cleaner by TGA Subcool

First bred by Subcool’s The Dank, Jack’s Cleaner is a prime-example of an energetic & cheerysativa strain. Just like the name pays homage to, this strain highly resembles Mr. Clean, with a base of citrus, and particular notes of lemon rinds, mixed with a subtle earthiness and fuel-like undertones.

LINEAGE Lamb’s Bread x Northern Lights x Pluton x Purple Haze
EFFECTS Focused, Energetic, Creative & Uplifted
TERPENE PROFILE Citrus, Lemon, Diesel & Earthy

Jack’s Cleaner by TGA Subcool

Jack’s Cleaner is a legendary sativa strain that has been carefully crafted by TGA Subcool, the strain expert. Its genetics come from a colourful cross of Pluton, Lamb’s Bread, Purple Haze, Northern Lights and Jack Herer, and it reaches upwards of 22% potency, with 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Its effects are deeply euphoric and uplifting, bringing a wave of relaxation and relief to its users. It can combat stress, pain, nausea, inflammation and anxiety, and it can also boost focus and energy. Its aromas and flavours are pungent and citrusy, with notes of lemons and oranges. Jack’s Cleaner is a 70% sativa and 30% indica hybrid. 


The high with Jack’s Cleaner is deeply euphoric, happy and uplifting, and can be relied on to wash away your stress and worries! Its relaxing nature can provide relief for pain, nausea, inflammation and nausea. It can even help mitigate anxiety, though some users ought to be wary of Jack’s Cleaner’s strength as it can be long lasting, and for the novice user in particular, it may induce paranoia with stronger doses. Like most sativas, it is also energizing and will induce a boost of focus, which will relieve fatigue and make it a great strain to use for mornings or afternoons. Heavier usage however can make it a great night time strain as well since the deeper relaxation will help you get to sleep and even fight off insomnia, so it’s quite versatile!