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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper by TGA Subcool aka JTR is one of the most prominent and well-known strains from the Subcool family and TGA Genetics. It is considered one of the trademark strains of TGA Genetics and unlike the killer, this strain won’t leave you incapacitated, although its racy and extremelypsychoactivehigh might be overwhelming for some. For those that can handle it, Jack the Ripper offers plentiful cerebral effects and a high that is characterized as uplifting, euphoric and mentally stimulating.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen
EFFECTS Cerebral, Uplifted, Euphoric, Creative & Happy
TERPENE PROFILE Sweet, Earthy, Spicy, Fruity & Haze

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a legendary strain created by the talented team at TGA Genetics. Accidentally conceived while attempting to re-create the popular strain Jack’s Cleaner, this hybrid is named after the notorious serial killer of the 19th century. A unique and potent sativa, Jack the Ripper is a cross between Jack’s Cleaner and a rare Space Queen male. Tests have revealed an average THC concentration of over 23%, making it an exceptionally potent strain with an unforgettable high.


The effects of Jack the Ripper are intense, with users reported to feel an uplifting and euphoric mental buzz that can be overwhelming for many. Despite its powerful high, the strain is praised for its medicinal benefits, providing relief from stress, pain, depression, fatigue, and headaches. It is comparable to LA Kush Cake in terms of its potency and effects, making it a great choice for recreational users looking for a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

Appearance & Aroma

Jack the Ripper is visually stunning, with lush green buds covered in a thick layer of bright resinous trichomes. Deep purple and orange highlights contrast the emerald buds, creating a unique and attractive appearance. Aromatically, it carries a distinct pine scent with undertones of pepper and a candy-like sweetness. The terpene profile of Jack the Ripper is smooth and enjoyable, with a combination of earthy and sweet notes that make for an unforgettable experience.