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Jack Frost


While Christmas only comes once a year, there’s never a wrong time to enjoy some Jack Frost! Trust us when we say that this is one special sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s widely known for its mood-boosting euphoria. In other words, get ready to be stoked on life like never before!

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Experience Christmas Day Every Day with Jack Frost!

Introducing Jack Frost, a sensational sativa-dominant hybrid that will make every day feel like Christmas! This strain is a cross of Northern Lights #5 and White Widow, and was once owned by the renowned Jack Herer. With a burst of energy and uplifting euphoria, Jack Frost is the perfect strain to share with your buds!

A Sight to Behold

One look at Jack Frost, and it'll instantly feel like the holidays have come early! This beautiful green plant is fluffy like the snow on Christmas morning, and is adorned with orange hairs throughout its light green buds. To top it all off, glistening trichomes cover the buds from head to toe.

Christmas in a Single Puff

Jack Frost has a strong fragrance of sour lemon that will fill any room, and has a blend of skunk and pine as its dominant scents. It also has an earthy citrus aroma, and leaves a sweet-smelling cloud in the room long after the sesh is over. Jack Frost's flavour is sweet and earthy, and it has a strong lemony aftertaste that lasts long after the exhale.

Uplifting Euphoria

Jack Frost's effects are slow and steady, but once it kicks in users will experience an uplifting euphoria that is unparalleled! The initial wave of positive energy is followed by a surge of creativity, making it a perfect daytime strain for those social occasions. As the euphoria reaches an all-time high, a calming relaxation takes over, allowing users to relax and release their stress and worries.

Medical Benefits

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