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Island Sweet Skunk

A true Canadian original, Island Sweet Skunk (also known as Sweet Island Skunk, or ISS for short) hails from beautiful British Columbia’s Vancouver Island! It boasts being the recipient of the Canadian award at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and was also named one of their All Time  Top 10 Canadian strains!

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Skunk #1 x Sweet Pink Grapefruit
EFFECTS Uplifted, Happy, Sociable & Energetic
TERPENE PROFILE Tropical, Sweet, Citrus & Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is one of the most popular and beloved strains from British Columbia. Bred by Federation Seeds, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing Skunk #1 with Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Its name comes from its sweet, citrusy aromas and flavours, which are countered by a deep pungency that is familiar to Skunk fans. It carries a punch with THC levels ranging from 16-25%, so those looking for an extra boost of energy and a happy, upbeat high should definitely give this one a try!


Island Sweet Skunk is a great choice if you’re looking for an energizing and uplifting high that can provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. It is also known to provide a mellow body high that can help ease physical pain such as nerve pain, migraines, arthritis, and gastrointestinal disorders. It is recommended for morning use, but can be consumed any time of day for a blissful and relaxing experience.

THC Content

Island Sweet Skunk has a ratio of 80% sativa to 20% indica, with THC levels ranging from 16-25% potency. It is also available in a CBD variety for those needing stronger medical benefits with less THC. Variations of this strain include a cross of Skunk #1 and Sweet Pink Grapefruit, as well as Skunk #1 crossed with Sweet Skunk and a third, unknown sativa, and a cross of Northern Lights and Haze with Grapefruit.

Appearance & Aroma

Island Sweet Skunk nuggets are small and dense, with light, yellowish green hues similar to lime or kiwi. The nugs are accented by brassy orange pistils and a thick coating of crystal trichomes. The aromas are pungent and skunky, yet nicely balanced by sweet and fruity citrus notes. It also carries hints of tropical fruits and the gassy diesel flavor that Skunk fans will recognize and love.